THE WILL OF GOD (Digital comics)


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Published : 15/11/2010 
Story/Art/Ink : Jean-Pierre SAGGESI
Colors : CASP
Genre : Historic Fantasy
The Story - #1 The Fall of the Krak
Le It's the 13th century, and the Holy Land is under the rule of two monastic orders. In 1271, as he was about to leave for the Crusades, Argan, a knight hospitaller, was summoned by his master to be given a sword with the fateful name of "Will of God". He was ordered to go on a dangerous mission : to defend, at any cost, the knights' fortress called the Krak, the last bastion of the Jabal Ansariya foothills besieged by the Saracens. But Argan could not know of the trials and tribulations awaiting him, or what he would find in those sacred lands... "May abundance, wisdom and beauty be with you; if you go with pride alone, will sully everything..."




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